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Once we – together with you -
decide to work together, you become family.

If we say yes to a project, we truly want to create an amazing result together with you. We want to be part of projects and collaborations which have real impact. We believe in co-creation rather than classical consulting work. Only then, we – together with you – can have a lasting impact and a sustainable relationship.

 Our team is committed to your success! Internally, we call ourselves “La Familia”. Each family member belongs to the best in his field and brings many years of experience in various projects on national and international level. This enables us to develop new business models, products, services and learning experiences.

 Working with us doesn’t feel like “hiring a consultant”. We believe in a direct, honest, and informal collaboration and stick with you through, even if things get tough.

Meet the family

Sina Mehl

Sina Mehl

Facilitator & Advisor

Sina loves people. She will do everything in her power to help humans grow and transform. She’s your perfect sparring partner when it comes to engaging training and coaching projects.

Kai Christen

Kai Christen

Facilitator & Advisor

Kai is possessed by creating real impact. He is focusing all his energy on helping people move from a to b in a way that transforms their outlook on the challenge ahead of them. He’s your perfect sparring partner when it comes to building a learning organization from the ground up.

Daniel Marti

Daniel Marti

Product Developer & Innovator

Daniel loves to challenge the status quo. He goes above and beyond your expectations when it comes to helping you come up with new products and services and implementing them with light speed. He’s your no-bullshit-guy.


Sandro Schindler

Customer Experience Expert & Facilitator

Sandro’s heart is beating for customer experience. He loves to dive into the journey of your customers and to be your sparring partner when it comes to overhauling your perspective of customer orientation.

Meet the extended family

philipp bichsel.1024x1024
Philipp Bichsel

Crisis Management & Strategic Expert

Philipp thrives in moments of uncertainty. As Head of Network at Swisscom and former McKinsey Advisor he can help you in moments of chaos and crisis to define the right course of action. He’s your perfect sparring partner when it comes to preparing your staff to keep their cool even in the most challenging situations.

210903KatharinaHerzog 2
Katharina Herzog

Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator

Katharina loves to create engaging and transformative learning experiences that help people grow. With user-centered and co-creation methods she puts the learner in the center of the journey. She’s your perfect sparring partner, when it comes to finding the sweet spot of your business goals and the learners needs.

Mirko Schedlbauer
Mirko Schedlbauer

Digital Business Innovator

Mirko is our problem solver. Whatever challenge pops up he’ll find you a pragmatic solution.  involving either some of his digital skills or his willingness to bring a whole team back on a successful path.

Josh Levent
Josh Levent

Designer & Business Developer

Josh is obsessed with design and loves to work on organizational systems to deliver real human value. He’s your sparring partner when it comes to challenging your business model from the ground up.

dani jordi
Daniel Jordi

Connector & Business Developer

Daniel can’t help himself but connect people. He’s a catalyst for bringing visionary leaders together. He’s your perfect sparring partner when it comes to tapping into new networks and business opportunities.

louis palmer ConvertImage
Louis Palmer

Speaker & Guiness World Record Holder

Louis’ tagline says it all: “Never give up.” As a primary teacher, without money and experience, he raised 4 Million Swiss Francs and became the first human to circle the world with an electric car. He’s your perfect sparring partner when it comes to increasing your team’s persistence and creativity.

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