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"Training the generation Y is hard. Daniel and Kai have done an excellent job at coaching and training our Store Agents and Store Managers in an engaging and practical way."
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"Communicating your newly developed Products and Services to an international audience using an engaging interactive video as a game changer."
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"Right now, our team works almost exclusively remotely. This comes with it’s on challenges. Kai helped us bring the team closer together. As a result, we became more productive."
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About Us

Sina Mehl

Coach and Trainer
Sina Mehl

Philipp Bichsel

Crisis Management & Strategy

Mirko Schedlbauer

Aritificial Intelligence Expert
Mirko Schedlbauer

Daniel Marti

Innovator and Product Developer
Daniel Marti

Sandro Schindler

Customer Excellence Expert
Sandro Schindler

Louis Palmer

Speaker & Guiness World Record Holder

Kai Christen

Facilitator and Advisor
Kai Christen

Aline Stoll

Organisation Transformer
Aline Stoll

Daniel Jordi

Connecter and Biz Dev
dani jordi

Josh Levent

Business Designer and Innovator
Josh Levent
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What we are doing these days

Together with znuni.studio we created a marketing video for the Zuger Kantonalbank. This is one of our first attempts to use interactive video to sell freshly developed products.

Check out our newest episode of the awkward business podcast. Gadgets that changed our lives. What do you think?  What should be next?

This is What We Do at younite

what we are passionate about

Coaching & Training

Systems dont change, people change. That’s why we are focussing on the personal development with training, coaching, mentoring physically or virtually.

We are your partner when it comes to learning and development within your organization. Together we can collaborate on the level you need.

Digital Learning

Our world changed fundamentally. We see a huge need for impactful online collaboration and events. This is why we are focusing on creating online experiences that can be even more impactful than physical get togethers. 

We are your partner when it comes to creating fun, engaging and impactful learning experiences for your organization and clients.

Innovation Culture

An integral part of any business growth strategy involves the creation of innovative products and experiences to achieve competitive market advantages and better address customer needs.

We use design, creativity, digital tools and cutting-edge strategies to help you distinguish your company from those of your competitors.

University module

We created a 3 day module called “Visionary Leadership”. During the module, students gain deeper knowledge into their own mind and mindset, formulate their personal and professional goals and learn interactively, how to steer a group of people towards a common goal.

The module is currently in its 4th iteration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.