We are your partner when it comes to learning and
development within your organization. Together we can
collaborate on the level you need.

Younite Trainining Coaching Kachel

Coaching and Training

Based on your specific needs, we co-create a training or training series that will empower your people to grow in a specific area. Whether that be individual coaching, a group workshop, a classroom training or a train the trainer module, etc. you name it, we can deliver engaging learning experiences that will have practical impact – offline and online!

See how we increased work efficiency, employee satisfaction and improved work processes and collaboration for Deutsche Bahn through workshops and coachings. Learn More

Find out how we empowered employees of Novo Nordisk through an interactive train the trainer seminar to become engaging trainers. Learn more.

Do you need a training for yourself, your team or the whole organisation?

Interactive Videos

We are your partner when it comes to creating fun, engaging and impactful learning experiences for your organization and clients. Based on co-creation, we help you create interactive videos where the viewer is in the driver seat. A way to help your clients and employees learn about a variety of topics.

Younite Interactive Video Kachel

Check out the video we did for the Sunrise sales force to refresh their sales technique and increase revenueWatch the video we did about Learning & Development if you are interested in training your employees in a fun and engaging way.  

Get in contact with us if you are interested in training your employees in a fun and engaging way.

Younite Elearning Kachel


To create maximum efficiency during “live” coaching and training, we are using an integrated approach of e-learning and face-to-face training. E-learnings are an optimal  tool for conveying standardised information to your employees. We create fun and interactive e-learning experiences that are optimally integrated within the whole learning journey.

For Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art we designed an integrated E-Learning experience in the fields of leadership and values. Learn more.

For a local bank we created a learning experiences on how you interact in a client-customer relationship. This trailer shows some aspects of the video which is part of a bigger E-learning program, enabling hundrets of people interacting, selling and leading in a digital world. 

Let’s revolutionize your learning journey! We would love to show you how.

University Modules

Since 7 years we have been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne and the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. In this time we coached over 1’000 students at the masters and cs-leveles in topics like self-awareness, leadership and vision.

Younite University Kachel

See here how the master students experienced this module.

So if you are considering deepening the aspect of authentic leadership at your university…

Younite Academy Kachel


We help you build a successful internal academy by blending the online with the offline world in a way that you are using the best elements from both worlds. This means we combine the fast break-out-session functionality with emotional face to face interactions, online whiteboards with local games, video-input-sessions with role play practicing just to name a few. What you get are engaging learning concepts which guarantee the learning organisation everyone is talking about.

We would love to speak with you about how we can boost your internal learning journey.