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This Is What We Do

We are your partner when it comes to creating fun, engaging and impactful learning experiences for your organization and clients.

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Interactive video

Based on a collaborative co-creation, we help you create interactive videos where the viewer is in the driver seat. A way to help your clients and employees learn about a variety of topics. Would you like to see how something like that works? 

Check out the video we did about Learning & Development if you are interested in training your employees in a fun and engaging way.

Check out the video we did for Zuger Kantonalbank.  Together we built a fun and engaging way to present a service or product to your clients. 

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online training and coaching

For global companies online collaboration, online training and online coaching is nothing new. For the rest, the fully digital work became popular during the Covid-19-Crisis of 2020. During that time, online training is a hot topic in multiple dimensions:

Online Leadership Training
Online Collaboration
Online innovation processes
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blended learning

Building a successful learning academy means blending the online with the offlineworld in a way that you are using the best elements from both worlds. This means we combine the fast break-out-session functionality with emotional face to face interactions, online whiteboards with local games, video-input-sessions with role play practicing just to name a few. What we get are engaging learning concepts which guarantee the learning organisation everyone is talking about

Leadership in a global world
online collabo-ration
on premise and REmote
Product development
bring know-ledge to the session
engaging individual learning