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 We accompany you, when it comes to develop new ways of being relevant to your customers and employees – now and in the future. We combine your know-how and your team’s strengths with our expertise. With a “getting things done” mentality we will rock your business together.

Younite Innovation Kachel


Innovations can only develop in a culture of innovation that promotes creativity. Together we work on the three dimensions of innovation culture. The ability to innovate, the willingness to innovate and the opportunity to innovate. We do that by becoming a part of your innovation team, building actual products and experiences for your customer while clearing all the hurdles.

Find out how we helped ITZ InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz, a semi-government innovation service provider, to adapt its services and communication to meet today’s customer needs. 

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Customer Experience

Customer orientation starts with culture, leadership and motivated employees. Together with you we set up a holistic program for customer orientation that the whole organization lives by. We close the gap between customer expectation and the effective experience by optimizing the customer experience at all relevant touchpoints. We are not afraid to ask your customers what they think of you. We will show what your customers really think of you and work with you to create the optimal customer journey so that you not only satisfy your customers, but exceed their expectations

Younite CustomerExperience Kachel

See here how we helped Zuger Kantonalbank create an end-to-end customer journey for their foreign clients and expats. 

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Younite Culture Kachel


We are your partner for an inspiring, innovative and impact-driven corporate culture. A good and living culture is the base for decisions, as well as the actions and behavior of your employees. We help you to build and anchor cultural initiatives in the company effectively, uncomplicated and with passion.

For Jim & Jim, a leading web and design agency, we helped create a trusting and productive team culture. See how 

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